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Our History

Where It All Began

The farm's beginning dates back to 1902 when Martin and Catherine Domoy emigrated from Poland. Martin was employed as a cooper to design and craft apple barrels in Medina, New York for packaging and shipping from the expansive apple industry of Orleans County via the Erie Canal to the growing cities of Buffalo, Rochester and all the way to New York City and beyond. While being employed he settled on a farm of 21 acres where barley, oats, hay, livestock, and edible beans were produced.
The family grew to 6 children. Their son, Frank was the only child interested in continuing a career in farming and took over his father’s farm.  He and his wife Jessie, were the committed to expanding farm operation and its success.  Frank was employed as a skilled tradesman in the field of tool and die at the Heinz Company and a division of General Motor to help grow the farm.  Frank and Jessie grew the farm to 240 acres over years expanding in to hogs, wheat, dry corn and vegetables.  They had a single child Francis, who also had the passion for farming. 
Francis & Frank made a great team and successfully expanded into new markets.  They focused on creating a sustainable & diverse crop rotation of small grains, large grains & vegetables which was well ahead of the time looking back.  This success took the farm to 650 acres and established confidence of future success.  Francis transitioned into the 3rd generation owner and continued to drive change expanding into a fresh farmer’s market business with as many as 11 farmers markets per week with his wife Dianne.  They really committed themselves to the freshest and best family grown crops possible.  They employed their 2 children, Brett & Kirsten and a host of local school kids, teaching the values of an honest day’s work!   
Today the farm has evolved as to a 5th generation family owned business totaling 2000 acres.  Now Brett and his family have taken a key role planning for the future and what’s in store for the humble beginnings of a Polish immigrant family from 1902.  The foundation of what Francis and Frank started with sustainability and farm to table are a key at the heart of the farm’s legacy.


Brett Domoy


Brett Domoy grew up on the family farm and enjoyed the farm life as a kid.  He left the farm to pursue career in Package Engineering thru higher education.  After spending years designing everything from juice pouches to body wash bottles with Kraft Foods, P&G and Unilever, he felt the pull of the family farm calling him.  Brett and his young family made the decision to move back to the farm in 2010 to take over the farm operations.  Brett returned with new experiences in science, technologies and consumer marketed products.  He has brought many new ideas to the farm operations and has prepared the farm for the next generation.  Sustainable practices, consumer relevant connections and food security are all part of his passion.  The most important aspect to his involvement is to allow his children, Connor and Mackenzie the opportunity to continue the family legacy.

Francis Domoy


I have been actively engaged in higher education and agriculture over a fifty year period, served as faculty member at Rochester Institute of Technology, Michigan State University and Niagara University with a focus on building academic programs in the fields of hospitality and tourism as well as food marketing and distribution. Over the last twenty years I became administrator to academic programs both domestically and internationally for RIT. Upon retirement I returned to the family farm as a partner along with wife, Dianne and son, Brett. I currently participate in day to day activities for marketing of grains, vegetable contracts and capital decisions for land and facility expansion.


Dianne Domoy


I was born in 1943 in Albion, NY. After graduating from Medina Central School, I continued my education at the University Of Buffalo. I received my BS in 1966. I began my graduate work at Buffalo State from 1966-1968. I was a teacher at Medina. I married Francis in 1968. We moved between East Lansing and New York so Francis could get his PhD at Michigan State. In 1978 we moved back to NY for good. We started a fresh vegetable business which was only 1.5 acres, but grew to over 50  acres of hand picked vegetables. We sold them to various farmers markets. I served on the Board of Gennesee Country Farmers Market from 1980-2000.

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